A note from Poor Richard:

Trade show success with RETAINABLE promotional products

Everything I ever learned about business success, I learned while coaching high school football while in college. It all comes down to execution. Fundamentals are the most important part of execution - and in the promotional products industry, this is no exception.

Billions of dollars are wasted every year!

The promotional products industry is probably one of the most misunderstood industries in the world where billions of dollars are wasted each year. Here's the fact: "Nothing beats promotional products for getting a targeted message to a designated recipient on a repetitive basis." Unfortunately, manufacturers, distributors, and customers make fundamental mistakes every day when selling and buying promotional items. One of the biggest problems is that buyers too often try to sift through the unlimited supply of promotional products available (500,000 different products last count) and make their decisions based on what others use ineffectively or on what they like. We as marketers live by one simple philosophy: "It's not about us it's about you." The reality is that 1% of the products offered make up 70% of the purchases and it is these tried and true items that work for one reason. They get re-used over and over. These "re-usable" items, and not the thousands of other useless products are what you will find on our site.

"Giveaway" = Throw away

Most "giveaway" items should be be re-named "throw away" items because they are not used and retained. This automatically decreases your exposure and ultimately raises your cost per impression. At PoorRichardsPromos.com, our site looks a lot different because it is. You will only find products on our site we feel have the highest retention and re-use rate giving you the most value for every dollar you spend.

Update: A True Story

Today January 10, 2006, I received a call from a long time customer asking me for a new stainless steel travel mug. I was surprised to learn that the mug she had been using had my old company logo which I changed two years ago. She told me that her daughter kept taking the mug from her and she could not live without it! My cost for that mug... only $10. The fact that mug has given my company over 2 years exposure and that it has become so valuable to my customer that she literally "couldn't live without it".... Priceless. I'll repeat it again. "Nothing beats promotional items for getting a targeted message to a designated recipient on a repetitive basis." The key is to buy the right products, use them for the right reasons, and understand why we give them out. Our customers come back because we educate them. They understand what our products can do and how to use them effectively.

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